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CPC Plus cartridge replacement : one more

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I think that we can thank again gerald for the C4CPC and wait a design update, if required.


--- Quote from: dragon on 11:07, 10 June 21 ---
More sooner or later, probably you need made a new redesign to use a  new fpga/cpld more new and available. Unfortunately  fpga/cpld models  aren't eternal in production :( .

--- End quote ---
It's not a matter of new or old component, just that the supply chain has gone wild and some references won't be available before months (thanks to big corps piling up inventory and speculators willing to make some easy money).

Hi - new guy here.

Unfortunately, it looks like I've come to the party late for a new C4CPC.

Is there ANY chance that somebody might have a spare they would wish to sell me? I don't see them coming up on ebay and understandably, they are not something people will normally want to part with, but perhaps someone has multiples for some reason that that can live without?

Thanks (fingers crossed)
Mark Campbell - mqarkcambie.

I hope to get in on the next batch.

Gerald, Just a humble manufacturing engineer who is often sourcing hard to find parts but if there's anything I can do to help please let me know, I'd be happy to assist. Would need MPN, Qty and target price.

Best regards


I don't suppose the gerber files or BOM list are available so we can attempt to build our own boards? I see the comment about part availability is an issue - which parts are causing the issue?
Recently purchased a 6128+ and have a GX4000 on they way - this unit looks ideal for what I need.


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