CPC Dandanator Mini 1.3 - WIP

Started by XeNoMoRPH, 21:58, 17 March 18

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Glad it works,

The interface is launched to the public domain for a reason.
All source code, diagrams and definitions are there for anyone to see and contribute. Besides some excellent games, emulators and pcb variations of the project, Not a single bit of code (Java, asm or CPLD HDL) has been contributed so far.
The people involved in this project: overCLK, mad3001 and myself, have made our best to build something useful and fairly well documented, but bear in mind that this is just a hobby for us. We do not run any shop, we do not get any money nor goods from anyone running shops (and we don't want to, btw). And we all have our real jobs and families to take care of.
Despite all this, I usually answer every single question I get, up to 10-15 per week, most of them regarding third-party hw. In any case, please, don't forget we are just individuals with other obligations and this is not a "product" with warranty or support of any kind.

overCLK has ported the romcreators to Java 19 and, once we have some time, we may release them to the public. They may already be available at the dev branch on github, by the way.
We also have many many improvements already implemented that we most likely will never release, since we do not have time to support them and make them work flawlessly in every OS and configuration out there.

The difference between 2.3 and 2.5 is the Autoboot enable, required by 8BP Basic library to create multi-load games. It also includes Noel Llopis' diagnostics by default. That's it.

I could never include in a manual how to come back from any romset created by a third party since I have no idea about how they built their roms. There is, however, an emergency procedure that is documented in the manual. As far as I know, Retroworks romsets launch the romset loader if booted with U+S+B pressed, but that's entirely their decision.

Quote from: Targhan on 19:39, 30 October 21
Ok great, it works! However, it does NOT work with the 2.5, but works ok with 2.3.

Please, please, please, update the manual to show precise instruction on how to inject such ROMs, and how to change them again! The interface is really counter-intuitive, and without help I would have never manage how to make it work! Also, you could check the bug with 2.5?


Thanks. Far from me  from criticizing your work. If you feel that way, I'm sorry. However, you must understand that the instructions are not clear, and that I would have never succeeded in using it properly without help. As for custom roms, a simple explanations is enough on your websute! And once again, it simply fails on 2.5. It's not about the roms, but about the software.

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Quote from: Dandare on 16:43, 30 October 21Many driver installations under linux require you to explicitly give permissions to the current user.
Yes, I know. Indeed you cannot even select a serial port that you haven't permission to use in the configuration menu of the java app.
Quote from: Dandare on 16:43, 30 October 21AFAIK, your distribution is not the one overCLK (Romset Creator programmer) is using.
What distribution is he using? And what exact version of java?
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Quote from: ajcasado on 10:35, 01 November 21What distribution is he using? And what exact version of java?

I don't have the faintest idea

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