CPC464 joystick causing multistrike keys?

Started by Ludojones, 23:23, 22 February 21

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I'm having an issue with my cpc464.
Keyboard works fine, games work with keyboard controls.
If I plug in a quickshot joystick with auto fire "off" all keys type as they should, but sometimes the joystick will work in games sometimes it won't.
If I switch to auto fire "on" middle row keys multistrike.
a = ➡️a
s is fine
d = sd
f = gf
g is fine
h =gh
j = hj
k = lk
l is fine
: = ;:
; is fine
] is fine

Ctrl+shift+esc = 4*Break* and Esc =*Break*
If I switch autofire to off all keys work fine again on the main screen but if already in a game there is no way out!

Does anyone have any experience of similar and if so is the problem in the joystick or the AY or somewhere else? I don't have a spare joystick to try, I've stripped it down and apart from the metal clicker plate in the front fire button being broken it all looks sound.
It's powered by the original monitor.


The CPC doesn't support Autofire. The autofire circuit in the joystick requires 5V and there isn't a 5V pin on the CPC joystick port.



That was simple, thanks! The joystick seems to have a lose connection too as it works sometimes but not others so I jumped to conclusion it had to be a bigger issue than it was!

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