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Is DES available yet for CPC?  I found it by accident but really like the idea - and of course, I'd like to get one.

I honestly for a second, thought you were referring to this:  :P

But regarding the Dandanator Entertainment System, I love the concept and the Gameboy Advance format cartridges.

I think this is the best physical format for new games for the CPC going forwards, and the one that offers new possibilities in terms of available storage.I would also love to know when I can get my hands on one!

The dandanator mini exists :

The Dandanator Mini is great, but I don't think it's a particularly cost effective way of distributing games due to the amount of hardware (CPLD, expansion connector etc) required on each cartridge.
With the DES, where the individual game carts are effectively just a flash chip on a small PCB, they should be able to be produced at an affordable price (<€5). People only need to purchase the base hardware once....

English version :


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