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DskTest on cassette ?

Started by Strike4711, 21:21, 26 October 23

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Hi guys,
I already got some help with the Dandanator in another thread. 
The original plan was to use the device with the DskTest tool for repairing my defective FD-1.
Unfortunately connecting both on the edge connector isn't that easy.
But ... it should be possible to start the program from cassette.
Problem is, I cannot find DskTest in wav format for copying it to a cassette.
According to my understanding this should be a viable approach.

Does anybody have the DskTest in wav format? Thanks


You can use JavaCPC for that. 
Load the program into memory and then write it to a tape. Save it as .wav file. ... 
Proud owner of 2 Schneider CPC 464, 1 Schneider CPC 6128, GT65 and lots of books
Still learning all the details on how things work.


Quote from: SerErris on 13:28, 29 October 23You can use JavaCPC for that.
Load the program into memory and then write it to a tape. Save it as .wav file. ...
Thank you ... I will try it


It really worked with JavaCPC  :)
What a great Emulator. 
Thanks to Devilmarkus

Now I have to copy the wav file to cassette....


OK ... that was only half way  ::)
I can load the program via the "real" CPC tape drive but not all functions are available.
Menu items "Seek track", "Calibrate" or "find sector" don't work.

The wav file I have created seems to include only the first bin file of DskTest.
DskTest consists of two bin files: dsktest.bin & dsktestp.bin
So I assume I don't load the full program.

Can I load both bin files via one wav file?


Hi it seems you've done it correctly, from the tests using a CDT and DSK version on Virtual Machine and Winape the program works the same as using it from disc. Desktestp.bin doesn't seem to be of any use, perhaps an older/unfinished or ROM version?

What I do is first press 5 to measure rpm and then 3 if so. If I run the program and press 3 first, it just doesn't do anything.

In any case I have done a CDT myself using 2cdt.exe, but it is also possible creating a CDT using CDTMaster from CNGSoft...anyways, here's my CDT in case you want to give it a try anyway


Thank you ...
I have made the same experience with JavaCPC.
The DskTest works fine with only loading the first bin file.

I have tested your DCT file. Same result on the real CPC ...
#5 Measure Spin works OK
#1 Toggle Motor works OK
#4 Find Sector ID always response with Found:NO
#2 and #3 no reaction at all

I'm running this on a CPC 464, maybe it's not compatible

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