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Extended clone of the great Vortex F1-D/M1-D Floppy Disc Controller!

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Hi there friends of the hardware expansion...

Back the day the ingenious company Vortex released a double 5.25" drive (F1-D) and a double 3.5" drive (M1-D). They had the 0,7 MB Vortex format(s). So basically provided 1,4 MB of space.

Sadly they are very hard to get these days and very expensive.

The floppy controller of the F1-D and M1-D was identical. And it was identical to the DDI-1 controller too. But it had different I/O addresses. So the CPC could use both controllers, the DDI-1 and the F1-D/M1-D. They were available for the full range of the CPCs and Plus computers.

Aside of different I/O addresses:

&FB7E - FDC 0 Status / Amstrad DDI-1 FDC765
&FB7F - FDC 0 Daten /

&FBF6 - FDC 1 Status / Vortex F1-D / F1-M FDC765
&FBF7 - FDC 1 Daten /

The big advantage of the Vortex FDC was that it could deal with four drives! So it added up to four drives to the 6128 for example

Now imagine if we do a remake of this great device?

Is there somebody who would help me to clone the Vortex FDC?


---- -0-- 0111 111x

---- -0-- 1111 011x

If you are using discret logic, you may swap the A3 and A7 lines for the decoding through AND / OR IC with a sliding switch to be able to support Amstrad and Vortex on a same interface. (may be A1, A2, A4, A5, A6 are not fully decoded)

Great idea!  :) :) :)

Actually it would be great if our new clone could be fully decoded!  :)

Now, the one thing left is a fully 2-to-4 decoder which allows the FDC with two Drive-Select signals (2 bits) to become DS0, 1, 2 and 3 to support four drives.  :)

Hello... sombebody out there how can help me cloning the Vortex F1 controller?
(Cash plays no role).


--- Quote from: GUNHED on 18:39, 16 August 21 ---Hello... sombebody out there how can help me cloning the Vortex F1 controller?
(Cash plays no role).

--- End quote ---

Do you have schematics or a real device or (last resort) high resolution pictures of both sides of the original PCB. If so, let me know and I will clone it for you.



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