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--- Quote from: PulkoMandy on 20:33, 13 November 17 ---While I'm at it I'm reworking the board a little. No new features, but re-did the routing using smaller SMD components and added some silkscreen art :)

The board is slightly smaller (43mm - about the same as Albireo) and should be easier to assemble.

--- End quote ---
Has it now got chips on both sides of the board, or have you changed the design?


Put me on the list for 1 (One)



Yes, there are chips on the back of the board in this new routing. The design/schematics is the same as the previous version (what did you think? That I found a magic way to do the whole decoding logic with just two chips? that would be too easy!)

You should try to keep all components on one side so that oven reflow soldering is possible. It will save you a lot of time. You could even go with an SMD socket for the flash chip, then you'd have even less to solder by hand.


It will not save me any time because I don't have the required hardware. If someone wants to do this, they can make their own routing :)


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