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--- Quote from: GUNHED on 14:47, 12 March 21 ---What we do need to consider is that the CPC can handle 4 MB or ROM, but the 6128plus is limited to 2 MB, because starting at ROM number &80 everything is reserved for the Cartridge (which can use a max. of 512 KB).

--- End quote ---
Are you sure of that ?
The Symbiface 2 with its partial decoding prevent the C4CPC communication mechanism to work by disabling access to cartridge mapped ROMs.
To me, the romdis affecting all internal ROM access in the Plus, be it below or above &80.

SF2 and C4CPC are special cases.  :)

Hi there, recently received a Flashgordon to use on my CPC464 but how do I connect it to the expansion port and still have use of the DDI-1 floppy controller to load ROMs and the ROM Manager program?

I'm using both a real floppy drive and also a HxC but I notice the Flashgordon doesn't have a 'through' connector to attach everything to the expansion port on the 464 simultaneously.

Do I need to modify the DDI-1 or create some sort of connector or interface?

Many thanks

The FlashGordon card is designed for use with expansion backplanes like this one:

This provides the "through" connector needed to connect the DDI1 or other traditional CPC expansions.

Thank you, I understand. And I see the DDI-1 clone is a good idea too so I can use the HxC without the original DDI-1 interface and drives. Of course i could always go down the 6128 route and solve all my problems but where's the fun in that!

many thanks


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