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Hi there,

I'm just back from the Alchimie Demoparty where I discussed CPC hardware and expansions with various people. It seems that there is some demand for a new batch of FlashGordon boards.

For those who missed it, FlashGordon is a Flash/ROM board and mostly a clone of Bryce's MegaFlash design, with a different flash chip and integrated mods for a reset button and "disable all ROMs" switch. It can be slotted on a Mother-X4, or plugged to the CPC with the appropriate cable (centronics or HE902 to HE10 female, 50 pins). It can store up to 32 ROMs, including optional replacement for ROM7 (need hardware mod on CPC6128/664 to disable the internal one, no changes needed on Plus and 464) and ROM0 (for use of the Hacker or straight-to-CPM boot or other foreground ROMs). Software is available to manage it (either ROMAN from PNG or TFM's RomManager) and will come pre-installed on the boards.

The cost for a board is 25€, shipping included.

Place your orders here. As usual, you don't pay anything until your board is ready for shipping. If you are already waiting for an Albireo board or other hardware from me, I can try to group shippings together.

I definitely would like to have one! I was going to do my own MegaFlash clone but I still did not find the time  :'(   Having one of these would be great  :)

Hi Pulko! Nice to see some demands for ROM expansions. In case you are going to use other kinds of Flash chips then let me know to adapt ROManager to it.
@All: If you need some new kind of functionality for ROManager please let me know. Version 2.16 is out now since some days. Download at (download section).

Good luck with the new batch of FlashGordon boards.  :)

While I'm at it I'm reworking the board a little. No new features, but re-did the routing using smaller SMD components and added some silkscreen art :)

The board is slightly smaller (43mm - about the same as Albireo) and should be easier to assemble.

No change of flash chip planned as long as I can source the current one (of which there are apparently thousands available online).

I should like to have one for my CPC464+  :P

Pulko, I wrote un Albireo thread to get an Albireo too!

Could you get me a place un your list?


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