Floppy drive red light

Started by Muzer, 17:23, 20 December 09

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I got a CPC6128 from a friend today (along with tonnes of disks and books, as well as a few peripherals). The internal disk drive has a snapped drive belt, but as well as that, the light is always on when the manual says it should be only on when reading. Is this a consequence of the snapped drive belt or another thing altogether?


Hi Muzer,
        There's on and there's on. The LED always lights a little, but when the Floppy is being read, the LED should flicker between half on and fully on (bright red). The snapping of the belt shouldn't have had any negative effect on the proper function of the LED. So if it worked properly before, it should work properly after the belt has been replaced.



I'll have to wait till my belt arrives, change it and see. It starts out very dim, but then when the system is fully booted it goes brighter, but still quite dim. It then doesn't change, even when trying to access the disk (though I'd guess it only lights when it can successfully read it, which is why it doesn't change). So presumably yes, this is correct.

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