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Re: DDI-4
« Reply #150 on: 10:25, 29 January 20 »
OK, then you are aware of the discussion. Then, to follow discussion forum netiquette, you give credit to the person who has figured it out - and that was GERALD - you didn't solve anything, you either didn't read or you diluted the thread with unnecessary information. In any case, if your intent was to CONFIRM then you do it by quoting GERALD and not by saying:

I hope this is clear now how to contribute to technical discussion. First READ, then THINK, then POST if something relevant to say, ELSE - don't. If you want to CONFIRM, you QUOTE.

For someone new to a community, you certainly think you know a lot about netiquette.

You'll find that the CPCWiki (and the CPC community in general...) is a very friendly place, so please chill. Nobody will tolerate this kind of behavior here.

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Re: DDI-4
« Reply #151 on: 14:10, 29 January 20 »
You can see the short in the FD-1 Service manual, page 14, about the Relay P.C.B.

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