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Started by Nostromo, 23:47, 15 December 09

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A friend of mine is giving me an Amstrad 6128 with just the PSU + Scart cable. I never had an Amstrad in the past so I guess I will struggle at first. Anyway I have two questions for now:

1. Will a C64/Amiga joystick work with it?

2. Will I be able in some way to write Amstrad disk images to the 3" floppy via some software or another?

Thanks in advance!



Welcome and congratulations to your new asset. The 6128 is a really good machine, and if you are into 8-Bitters, you have acquired a real jewel.

1. Yes, but if you want to have a second joystick, you either need an adapter or an original Amstrad - joystick, which is equipped with a port for the second joystick.

2. Yes, but the ways how to do it are explained in many ways all across the CPC - boards. Google around a bit, that should do the trick.

First, try out if the drive of the CPC 6128 works at all. If it doesn't, it very likely has a worn out drivebelt.



Thanks for the quick reply!

Where can I find the joystick adapter?
Which is the best way I can get myself on a working disk with some game on for me to test?

If someone can supply me with one I am in Malta and can pay for a disk and shipping :)



Considering the adapter, you'd probably want to make one yourself or hold a sharp lookout for one on Ebay or so.

I recommend you search the net for tutorials "How to transfer disc images back to the CPC" (and read them). 1st I haven't done it myself before and thus couldn't write one myself properly, and 2nd there are a lot of them online for sure.

It is most certainly no plug and play - solution. If you don't have a DDI floppy drive, you'll probably need to connect a 3,5" drive to your CPC. If you can't acquire one online, there is a possibility that you manage to modify an existing PC - drive, so it will work with the CPC.


Hi trozt,

Thanks for the information. One more thing, I have noticed that the key's colours have a tinge of green, is this normal or its the 6128's way to "yellow"?



I'd describe the colour of the keyboard as "grey".

If I was forced to say if it has any colour - tendency beyond that, I'd say it has an idea of green in it. But barely noticable.


Well, most joystick works nicely with the normal 6128, its only with the later PLUS range of amstrads that you need to get a "genuine amstrad" joystick. I cant recall a 8 bit joystick that didnt work with the normal amstrad back then. I even think sega master system joysticks worked. So no need for adapters.

Note that Amstrad GX4000 console joypads are "genuine" amstrad pads, and there is usually always a couple on for sale.

I can confirm that a brand new competition pro also works (it has a switch on the back to change mode):

About the colour of keyboard: well after 25 years of exposure to the world a 6128 can turn pretty much any colour. "yellow" is sometimes a bit "nice" as some of us would probably think more of brown dirt than yellow. With a bit of (luck?) your amstrad may also have attracted some interesting smells too  ;D Cant recall seening a green one tho.


Joystick : good old amstrad is an almost mundane ATARI standard...

You can use :
--Any "atari" joystick (the same as on Amiga, Atari ST...)
--Sega 8bit and 16 bit work fine...Master system and megadrive/genesis...

About the 2 joysticks : to be honest, few games really support this.
As for the second button (Fire2) most CPC "old" games don't even allows to redefine keys, and few really use more than 1 fire button.

Genuine Amstrad ?
It seems a Sega munadane paddle works fine even on Amstrad Plus, exept you only have 1 fire button...
If you can find PC  old Mouse, they may feature the right male port to be cannibalized into adapter...

Are you good in soldering electronical componnents ?

Disc solutions :

The 3" disc is and hard to find..
To be honest it is easier to adapt a 3"1/2 disc drive from an old PC found in garbage...
As it is still possible to find 3"1/2 ?

er, by easier I mean easier when used...not easier to do.

As this solution may need a heavy mod on the CPC.

Another solution ? find a second 3" disc drive and put it on a PC...

Also on good old Amstrad CPC 6128...use tapes signal.

Just craft a jack on the DIN tape in port.
Then you can load many good games with updated Wave or MP3 signal with any MP3 player or CD...
Not as fast as Discs, but improuved compared to old cassettes/tapes.
This solution is the easiest one as it needs only a little soldering work and a bit of cable, and do not alter the Amstrad at all.

Serial cable between a PC and the CPC can work, but you have to find a good stock of working 3" discs...

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