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Help, I changed the drive-belt and now my disk drive is suddenly read-only?

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--- Quote from: Bryce on 14:44, 10 December 12 ---Transferred to the wiki. It can be found here (the article, not that pin that you've lost!): Writepin - CPCWiki

--- End quote ---

I think the article has answered the pin problematic for good (even for the drives that don't have one)! :)

Luckily, I own all types of the drive, so other than having to disassemble them all, it was just a matter of taking pictures. But at least from now on, when the next "Why is my drive read-only" question comes, we can just point them there instead of going through the whole thing again :)


Awwww that's awesome, you deserve a gold star!


Oooo, I'll print it out and stick it on my forehead :)


No, you silly, that's for you to stick on your NC200!


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