M4 board stopped working

Started by pabloingreece, 18:38, 26 March 22

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@Duke Hello, I'm having this problem, out of nowhere my M4 board stopped booting normally, I tried the following:

- change sd card
- reprogram the firmware with different versions
- use another CPC

The reprogramming leaves this report:

M4 Firmware version 2.0.7

ESP firmware v2.0.7 found.

ESP flash: 0x00E04016

ESP CRC match: 0x366BCBEF


ESP programming success

but no M4 information in the screen with or without the sd card.

Can you please help me?

Also if there is a chance to order a new board (2019 version) I would like to proceed. Let me know if it's possible.



Just my 2 cents... problem can be with the edge connector (corrosion maybe, or dirty?).
Also the PSU must be strong enough in case you have multiple expansions. BTW: Green screens do deliver fewer power to the CPC compared to the CTM644.
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