How do I get this 3.5" external drive to work?

Started by abraXXIous, 11:45, 30 April 13

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So far I have purchased a CPC scart cable which will not work on any of the four lcd monitors I have tried it on..... next. I purchased an external 3,5" floppy drive kit. Plugged in the ribbon cable between the CPC and the floppy drive as per the online images.... and I cannot get it to work.

I can select the external drive to be Drive A or B (do you not have to somehow disable the internal 3" drive in order to make the external one drive A??? Nothing is mentioned about this but it seems logical). If I set it to Drive A then both the internal drive and the external 3.5" drive lights come on and stay on continuously and if you try and access either drive it craps itself (drive not ready etc).

If I set to drive B and type |B it will SOMETIMES say Ready, but then if you type CAT etc both drives access and it craps itself.

I think there would be a rule that if you SELL hardware you must INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS so that newcomers (who purchase hardware too) have SOME sort of idea what to do.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated.


Are you sure you have the flat cable connected the correct way around?



About the 3,5" external cable:

Im guessing you are using a cable a bit like this:
(depending on your browser you may need to "view picture" to see the full pictures in the guide).

As Bryce mentioned the "2 drives act as 1" does sound like the cable is upside down in one of the ends at least. Could be that the "A/B primary"-switch is on when you powered on as well (Primary switch should ALWAYS be OFF when powering on the hardware).

Strongly suggest starting off using the cable as simple possible at first so you make sure its connected correctly. Aka make sure all the pins/jumpers/switches is in "off" position.

To make the cable work you really only need that one connection that emulates the "Ready" Signal, and this one is usually hard-soldered shut so just leave it there at the side of the cable.

Side switch: on or off is kinda harmless but better keep it "OFF" aka not connected so you dont confuse it with..

The A/B "primary drive" switch: Really importent that this is always "OFF" when you turn on the hardware .. as the setup will freeze/not work at all if the connection is left on on powerup. The correct way to use the "primary" switch:
1. Power on hardware.
2. At this point drives works normal.
3. Turn the "primary drive"-switch to "ON".
4. External drive now responds to A: commands and internal drives becomes B:
5. Turn off hardware.
6. Turn the "primary drive"-switch back to "OFF" position.


Disk should be at 750KB mode...

For me, I have only one disk on three running... and running in "write protected". In fact writing a Amstrad disk from PC is done at a certain frequency, and read in Amstrad is done in half of this frequency so writing a disk is about probabilities. In write-enable mode I think that this probability shut down (lucky about writing at correct emplacement)
But after copying disk from Amstrad to Amstrad it shall be more tolerate.

You can disconnect internal 3 inch disk bus.

Noob error is to cut bus end and let it touch against floppy box.

The Ready wire have to be connected (it is ok about letting it always in "ready" state, you just have then to shutdown computer before changing disk)

Having the same floppy driver in PC and Amstrad can help.



Amstrad CPC 6128 plus SCART - YouTube
About SCART, I don't used the resistor (I plug VCC (blank signal seems being in fact a resistor emulation)), but it is detected correctly only on some TV.


Have you tried this setup: TV SCART cable - CPCWiki

This should work on any TV and is 100% passive (no power sources needed).



Quote from: abraXXIous on 11:45, 30 April 13do you not have to somehow disable the internal 3" drive in order to make the external one drive A?
Apparently not, according to ikonsgr. Which brings me to:
QuoteI think there would be a rule that if you SELL hardware you must INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS so that newcomers (who purchase hardware too) have SOME sort of idea what to do.
Well, have you even tried asking the seller? If it happens to be ikonsgr, he is happy to help.

I had similar non-problems with my cable from ikonsgr, including the freezing of both drives. The solutions are simple to employ and are logical in retrospect, although I cannot remember exactly what the correct configuration is. It could be as simple as you having the cable in the wrong way around in the drive itself. I think I that might have been one of my mistakes. . .
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Quote from: ukmarkh on 12:38, 27 February 12[The owner of one of the few existing cartridges of Chase HQ 2] mentioned to me that unless someone could find a way to guarantee the code wouldn't be duplicated to anyone else, he wouldn't be interested.
Did he also say things like "My treasureeeeee" and is he a little grey guy?


Well, ikonsgr is not selling any hardware, merely accessories. And though I agree with the rule about providing instructions, come on, we're all hobbyists here, which implies either some knowledge or an ability to ask others for it.

And yes, in any case ikonsgr is very helpful indeed :)

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