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How to dismantle a CPC 6128 and replace the drivebelt

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--- Quote from: Muzer on 21:03, 21 December 09 ---EDIT: When fiddling, a brass-looking pin fell out from god knows where. Where is this from, and would it matter if it doesn't go back?

--- End quote ---

This is the classic description of what happens when you dismantle the drive and are not aware of the write-protect pin. :D It has happened to all of us! Basically, the drive mechanism recognizes whether a disk is write-protected by lowering the pin where the write protection hole is in the disk. So, without the pin, what you end up with is read-only disks - the drive always thinks the disk is write protected :)


--- Quote from: Trotzdem on 04:46, 22 December 09 ---Could you tell which drive you own ? It's code is probably on a sticker and begins with "EME".

The pin is very probably responsible for detecting wether a disc is write protected or not. Sadly, I don't own such a drive, so I can't do any photos to show you where the pin has to be.

But is very likely you find some kind of microswitch on the circuitboard of the drive. The pin would be located above that, so it would press it when a disc is inserted.

Perhaps you can make a photo of the circuitboard of your drive, the drives body and the pin ?

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It has an Amstrad logo.

All the relevant markings on the bottom of the board:


A. 37193T

Amstrad PT No. Z70312

EDIT: Sorry, I was looking at the wrong thing - the code on the sticker on the side is EME-156.

And thanks, I managed to get the pin back in :)

I managed it; I just unplugged all the wires I could, and managed to get the belt wrapped around pulling up the board as much as I could. Then I just screwed it back together and inserted it, and it works!

Well done :)

The wires that are soldered onto the circuit board are (at least on my drive) fastenened to the motor that moves the drives head assembly. So you can release the screws on the motor, then pull the cables from the drive with the cicuit board.

But now that the drive works again, you probably shouldn't dismantle it again :D

There were actually 3 lots of 2 wires each soldered at both ends - one went to the light mounted above the read head (whatever that is for) - I didn't want to fiddle with that in case I got it misaligned...


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