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How to dismantle a CPC 6128 and replace the drivebelt

Started by Trotzdem, 02:14, 10 December 09

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The differences are obvious, you should be clearly able to see the second head on a double-sided drive. The model number is a bit of a giveaway too:

EME-150A - 1984 to 1985 Classic CPC (with write pin that everyone looses)
EME-155   - 1985 Classic CPC (optical write sensor type 1)
EME-156   - 1986 to 1989 Classic CPC (optical write sensor type 2) This was also used on the Spectrum +3
EME-156V - 1990 onwards Classic CPC (used a different controller - cost-down version I think)
EME-157   - CPC6128+ (White front and only needs 5V)
EME-231   - PCW Double-sided 1986 - Drive A:
EME-232   - PCW Double-sided 1986 to 1987 - Drive B:
EME-232V - PCW Double-sided 1988 onwards - Drive B: (used a different controller - cost-down version I think)

Some of that info might not be exactly correct, I can't remember where I gathered it all. Eitherway, if the name starts with EME-2xx then it's for a PCW. If it starts with EME-1xx it's for a CPC.




You could also have a look at the following thread from last year, as it covered much of the same in that thread.

Three 6128 and a lot of screws

There You'll, among other things, also find a list I made of the different 3inch disc drives. The only thing missing from Bryce list, is the part numbers of the different drives  :D

It's also worth mentioning that the PCW A-drive is the same as the CPC drives. That means a PCW A-drive belongs to the EME-1xx series. My two PCWs uses a EME-155 and a EME-156.


Terje Grind


I think my info may even have been partially gathered from that thread :D I have a text file full of random drive info and my post was taken from it.



Thanks guys, that's exactly what I needed. Now I can try the discs with the other drives and hopefully they'll work!


So I tried a different drive, and though I'm still getting errors it is working better, and the errors often go away if I ask it to retry. I think I will try to adjust the drive speed with the utility I saw around here somewhere the other day...



I just replaced my first ever belt in one of these drives,  although I started with my Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 128K.  I read the guide here but I actually followed another one here Servicing the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 Disk Drive  Despite getting the impression from others on the internet the last few years that it is difficult,  I actually found the whole process to be very simple and straightforward.  The only thing I had any trouble with was pulling the white plugs on each side of the drive;  for a moment I thought I had broken the board connector and snapped one of the four pins off but upon closer inspection,  I had done neither...phew! My Spectrum drive has an Amstrad logo with a model number ME56PB31, part number Z70312.  So I now feel far more confident when it comes to doing the same with my CPC6128 drive. :)
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It's a simple job. The only hard bits are the connectors which can be a but procarious and remembering not to loose the write-pin if it has one :D I'd also recommend that if you own and can use a soldering iron, then reflow the pins to all those white connectors on the PCB side. They are renowned for problem-causing dry joints.



And cleaning the wheels when you can hardly reach them because the damn PCB cannot get removed from the case ... WHY?
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