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How to dismantle a CPC 6128 and replace the drivebelt

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Oh, good idea...

I just replaced my first ever belt in one of these drives,  although I started with my Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 128K.  I read the guide here but I actually followed another one here Servicing the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 Disk Drive  Despite getting the impression from others on the internet the last few years that it is difficult,  I actually found the whole process to be very simple and straightforward.  The only thing I had any trouble with was pulling the white plugs on each side of the drive;  for a moment I thought I had broken the board connector and snapped one of the four pins off but upon closer inspection,  I had done neither...phew! My Spectrum drive has an Amstrad logo with a model number ME56PB31, part number Z70312.  So I now feel far more confident when it comes to doing the same with my CPC6128 drive. :)

It's a simple job. The only hard bits are the connectors which can be a but procarious and remembering not to loose the write-pin if it has one :D I'd also recommend that if you own and can use a soldering iron, then reflow the pins to all those white connectors on the PCB side. They are renowned for problem-causing dry joints.



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