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Information leaked, so here it comes....

The LambdaSpeak III is a great expansion with lots of features.
However it is not really cheap. Parts just have their price.

But... we decided to release the LambdaSpeak FS, which is nearly the same as the LS III.

What are the differences?

- The SPO256 chip is missing (no problem, the Click-2-Speach does the job anyway)
- You get an additional serial port, suitable for MIDI IN and OUT and way more
- EEPROM missing
- It's way cheaper!

What are the features?

LambdaSpeak FS (2021)
- Perfect Speech Synthesis (English and Spanish!)
- MP3 Player with SD card
- Real Time Clock (native OS, CP/M)
- PCM Sample Player
- 70 new RSX Commands
- Software for CP/M too
- Emulation of:
  * SSA-1 speech synthesizer
  * dk'tronics speech synthesizer
  * Amdrum Drumkit
  * Epson and DECtalk Modes
- Thermo sensor
- Serial Port (up to 625000 Baud)
- MIDI IN and OUT Option
- Two DSKs of software
- MX4 connector
- Help & Support granted

How to get it? Well, we wait for the next promotion for the Click2Speach board to save $20. Meanwhile we're building the boards.

Should you buy one?
- If you have the LS III, then NO  ;) :) ;)
- If you have no LS, the YES  :) :) :)

Preorder list for first batch of 10 units:
- Rambler
- valfac
- RetroCPC
- Neurox66

I have LS III  ;D


--- Quote from: XeNoMoRPH on 19:30, 18 February 21 ---I have LS III  ;D

--- End quote ---
You are the lucky one. We work on some new software for LFS, it will run on LS3 too.  :)

how much will it be?


--- Quote from: eto on 12:57, 19 February 21 ---how much will it be?

--- End quote ---
Good question... the main "thing" here it this one...

At the moment the 'Text to Speech' Module costs 39 Dollars, but from time to time they have a promotion and the price drops to 19 Dollars - we wait for that now.
The remaining components are maybe around 30-40 Dollars, we need to see where to make the best deals.  :)

Also, the price depends if you want to have the MP3 player (or not) and the RTC (or not).

We use these boards:
MP3: Aideepen YX5300 UART Control Serial MP3 Music Player Module for Arduino/AVR/ARM/PIC

RTC: HiLetgo 5pcs DS3231 AT24C32 Clock Module Real Time Clock Module IIC RTC Module for Arduino Without Battery

Meanwhile software is getting more and boards will get their first components soon. I'll keep you updated. And if there is a text2speech board promotion please let me know.

By the way, the project page is here:


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