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Looking for VDOS 2.0-X for CPC464

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I have found a VDOS 2.0-X online that works great with a 6128. However I have a 464 and want to have it as an extra ROM (esp. for the |XMON). So I used it on the CPC464 as well, but the XMON (and |fast as well) do not work with 464.

In XMON you cannot see anything (blue screen), but it is full alive. If you exit and enter |slow, you can see everything again.

So there must be something in the ROM I have, that is not compatible with the CPC464 ROM. It is just a minor thing, but makes the XMON unusable.

So does anyone have a copy of VDOS 2.0-X for the 464?

I had one in 86, but neither the CPC464 nor the X-Module or the F1-X exists anymore (not to my knowledge :-) ).

So many unknown words here, I'm embarrassed.

Sorry, I was not trying to embarrass anyone ...  ;D

It is just a very specific topic and if you never had a Vortex X-Drive you most likely never come across of any of those. So don't be embarrassed ... no reason to  :-*

Yes, i think i have one. I have a 5,25 Drive with an external Controller. I used it with Standard Amstrad ROM, because using it as 3,5 Inch Drive on my CPC  :D

I put the Vdos ROM out, no need for that at this time.

It´s hard to find, but i have it. I have to go digging.

Well, just to inform you... the Vortex ROMs are protected by hardware.

If you 'just' copy the EPROM it will not work in an non-Vortex controller.

Of course there is a decoeded verson of the F1-X VDOS for the CPCs too.Didn't I upload this working decoding version years ago?


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