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Started by Shkyler, 12:20, 14 February 22

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Hi everyone,

I was looking for some help with an m4 board. I'm working with a 464+ with an m4 connected. I've written a program in basic and saved it to the sd card. I was wondering if it is possible to get this .bas and load it in an emulator such as winape.

Any advice is appreciated.



Sure, just open the M4 webinterface on your PC and download the .BAS file :)


Thanks for coming back to me.

I wasn't really clear with my question.

I have the .bas file on my PC - is it possible to load that into winape?

I tried to load it as a disk - but winape will only open .dsk files. Is there another way do you know?

Thanks again


Hi Shykler,
It's been a while since I used WinAPE, but I seem to remember that you can 'Edit' a .DSK and then click and drag files into the disk image itself from another Windows Explorer window.
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Yes, just
- click the "change disc" icon (or press F2),
- open the DSK (e.g. for drive A)
- click "Edit"
A window will appear which shows a list with all files on the DSK. now you can drag and drop files into or from the DSK content.



Skunkfish/Prodatron - thanks a million for this - I'm in work and the minute so I'll give that a go later on.


Thanks again folks - that did the trick! ;D

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