Author Topic: Floppy disk emulator, HXC, CF card adapter  (Read 12782 times)

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Re: Floppy disk emulator, HXC, CF card adapter
« Reply #50 on: 00:23, 06 April 13 »
Neither could you save games, process files/disks using CP/M, write stuff in a word-processor… you name it. Many people will see that as a major drawback.

But how often do you actually do this?  I reckon not often at all, if ever.  So not really a 'major drawback'.

And on the rare occasion I want to 'save a game', I'll copy the image from the HxC B drive onto a real disc in my 3" A drive.

But yeah, horses for courses I guess.   :D    For me, the USB version seemed a better choice.  And I won't cry when my SD card fails[nb]Like it did on my Pi when I hadn't backed it up![/nb].
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Re: Floppy disk emulator, HXC, CF card adapter
« Reply #51 on: 10:25, 06 April 13 »
Indeed, cross-dev is a good use for the USB version; didn't think of that. Although, I'd guess that in 99% of the cases WinAPE would be enough?

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Re: Floppy disk emulator, HXC, CF card adapter
« Reply #52 on: 13:08, 06 April 13 »
I'll admit that aside from money, the fact that my development now appears to be entirely on the PC is actually the main reason I'm not just laying the money down and getting an HxC straight away. In fact, I'm finding it a little frustrating I bought the CPC at all as for the most part it's learn / write / build / test on the PC and the CPC is sat on the dining room table not even switched on.
If I was actually doing the development on the CPC then I don't think I'd have questioned the £150 for a MegaFlash and HxC anything like as much and would probably have both there right now already. Problem is that having a dual screen monitor with the internet, code windows, emulator and build scripts that fire stuff all up automatically is just too convenient to ignore. I don't LIKE it, I'd much prefer to do this all on the CPC direct and maybe I will look at that at some point but for now it's the PC for me.
Anyway, so as not to drift too OT, I'm looking beyond just the CPC to other uses for the HxC where I don't know yet what I may want one for in the future so it's an SD card one for me (when I get to it)