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Moding 3.5" drive


I've got a Newtronics 3.5" HD drive from an old PC. I want to use it for PCW/CPC.

I took off the metal cover on the underneath and I can see a marking on the PCB which is for RDY/DCHG (here there are 3 solder connections and a surface mount resistor). The resistor is configuring it for discchange to make it compatible with PC.

So if I manage to unsolder this resistor, and connect it to the RDY, will this give the drive a RDY signal and make it compatible with CPC? Is there anything else I need to do to make it compatible? There are some other signals marked on the PCB but I'm not sure if these are needed (think I need to look again).

So, somebody who has more electronics knowledge than me, can they confirm if this will work?

If so I'll add the info to the wiki if I can make it work so we know there is another way to modify drives to work.

Seems to be what is also suggested at:

Never had a drive to test it tho.

This is perhaps completely off, but while searching my old bookmarks i found this link about how to turn pc floppy drives into Amiga floppy drives. Perhaps there is some usefull info in there (and perhaps not ;D ):


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