MP-3 TV tuner as peritel adapter for other computers/consoles.

Started by MacDeath, 00:31, 05 March 16

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Hi dudes...

I remember that those MP-3 TV tuners from Amstrad would often needed some slight modding in order to be able to be used as some sort of scart/peritel/whatever adapter...

Also can they actually play modern numeric TV ?

Would be great to get some informations and add them to the Dedicated Wikipage for those devices...

MP-3 - CPCWiki

such topic may sometimes be raised or asked again and I always fail to find things about it.

recently had such discussion at Facebook.

Any hardware dude for the rescue ?


I use them but only with the CTM-644-2. (no LCD TV, edit: I think you didn't meant it, sorry then :])

I was using the SCART from a RGB modded MP-3f but I don't do it anymore. I prefer to connect to the Amstrad monitor with it's DIN 6 video male connector.

If I use the SCART entry it's mainly for the C64 (the rare SECAM rose..) or Atari 800XL. I use a battery to turn the MP3f in AV mode with the C64. There's a 5V pin on the video output I didn't tried to connect. (could be not enough)

The MP-3 is just great with old console that use RF signal: Atari VCS, Intellivision, Videopac. Otherwise it's not that necessary. Especially if you don't use a CTM-644.

I have the PAL model too, no SCART but for the Atari VCS it's a must have, you know that the SECAM version is 8 colors ;) All the rest of my old RF hardware is SECAM. (only because it was cheaper)

To resume, I think you don't need a MP-3 if it's not for the RF signal.


Quote from: MacDeath on 00:31, 05 March 16
Also can they actually play modern numeric TV ?

Any hardware dude for the rescue ?

The MP-3 is a pure analogue device. It definitely can't handle digital ("numeric") signals until they have been converted to something analogue such as SCART.


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