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MP-Like scart-to-HDMI box


I present to you my MP-Like scart-to-HDMI : composed of a PSU and a scart-to-HDMI board.With this thing you can power your CPC (5v only) and enjoy an HDMI output with only one power socket to plug  ;) .The screws are recycled from the original scart-to-HDMI casing and the 3D printed case is a tigh fit so the build is really easy to achieve with a limited BOM.

I must secure the power socket solders with heat-shrinkable sleeve before saying this project is done.
Do you use any sort of custom MP-thing to enjoy your computers ?

Very nice build! You should add shrink wrap on the live wires behind the IEC socket and possibly add a fuse too (if the PSU doesn't have one).


I'm currently poking at a ridiculous setup of a GBS8200 feeding into a cheap ebay vga to hdmi converter... and then onto an equally cheap ebay hdmi capture dongle. Who knows if it will work when it's all hooked up? :D

I am now satisfied with the drawing and as my mp-like box is working allright, I shared the files here :

Hopefully it will be usefull to someone else.


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