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Amstrad CPC 6128 - RS-232 Communications by NFM

Started by ComSoft6128, 16:15, 27 February 18

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Another video worth a watch, his previous is also good....................




I use an M4 on a 6128 without any problems.
I put the same card in a 464 and I have the following problems.
1. Without ROM from 6128 my issue is that sometimes it freezes at boot or reboots for no reason.
2. flashed with the ROM from 6128 when I want to run cpr with | ctr, 6 out of 10 freezes on the black screen.
The connector of the 464 is like new and I have cleaned it, as well as the edge of the M4.
Strange things that show that something is wrong.


Prime suspect would be a dirty power switch on the CPC464 - it goes high resistance - and with the extra power requirements for the M4 cause to much voltage drop - hence the unstable operation...

With the CPC discounted from power, rapidly operating sliding the power switch back and forth mnay times to "Wipe" clean the switch contacts (oxidiation) might restore stable operation... you can confirm by bypass the power switch (jumper the external contacts).


I plan to design a RS232 interface compatiabe with the orignal Amstard and later Amstard/Pace unit with Rom board to offer both versions of RSX / software...

I plan to use the serial port for comms with GPS IC's etc...

I'd be interested to purchase an ORIGNAL Amstard RS232 (even non working) if anyone has one?, otherwiew I'll recreate the design from published memory address etc. (but this is more time consuming - always easer to have a "referance" design :) ).


I really want one, the original and peace are almost impossible to find. Or at least cheap.

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