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Hi Board,

using my CPC 464 breadboard adapter (see my other thread), I have implement a "next generation speech synthesizer" for the CPC which I wanted to share with you; it uses the fabulous Emic 2:


As you can hear, the speech quality of the Emic 2 is really nice... No complaints there - well, maybe one can complain about the price, which is a little bit high (about 60 $) But I think it is worth it.

Besides the Emic 2, the other components in the design are: Atmega 328 for implementing a parallel (CPC) to serial interface, to bride from the CPC to the Emic 2; a 74LS373 flip flop, 2 G16v8 PLD's for address decoding and generation of the chip select signal, and some other gates. The hardware extension is at address &F9E1.

The speech synthesizer requires (almost) no driver, since the microcontroller and the Emic 2 are implementing an "intelligent" interface. The Basic program shown in the video is implementing a simple protocol, but basically, to talk to the speech synthesizer, one only needs to write bytes to port address &F9E1 (e.g., using OUT in BASIC). Interestingly, the interface from the CPC's parallel data bus to the Atmel was tricky to implement.


The song is excellent!  :o :laugh:

Right? A little bit creepy though  :o

Sounds cool! Does it support other languages or does it require a new rom?

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Hahaha, it is very nice! Regarding the languages, as far as I now, the Emic2 can talk in Spanish and English. You can also choose different types of voices, so it should be possible to do quite a lot of different things with it.


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