Play2CPC (Plus2CPC II) : Extra sound channels and rewritable cartridges

Started by abalore, 16:38, 23 November 21

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Quote from: TotO on 14:15, 23 November 22
Quote from: GUNHED on 14:06, 23 November 22Any kind of adaptors with PCB edge are dodgy, therefore I want to omit the edge problematic. For this reason I did ask for a Centronics or MX4 version. Will this ever be made?
The edge slot and plug are brand new. There is no reason that will make it not properly working, except if you have already issues with your Centronics port. Now, if you prefer, you can use an edge to centronics ribbon cable instead (to be not rigid). :)
Well, I aim to omit edge completely to have a stable system. With stable I mean here in the way of having 'movement' on my desk - and no crash. --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2022.03.09) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


I don't want to be annoying, but when have you scheduled a delivery to my adress, since the time?
Thank you in advance for your answer, Abalore.
Best regards. ;)



i have recieved mine,but as mi cpcs are out, i only can admire the box. :doh: :doh:


@JayBlood Sorry, I can't said more than my previous answer to you, 3 months ago. :(
The Alcon 2020 combo versions was not all shipped, so the Play2CPC box alone are delayed.
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Good evening, I am interested in a copy. Can you send me the information to add me to the waiting list or send it to me?


Hi, any news about the wiki page for play2cpc? 
Mostly interested in some code examples, channels, video raster, I guess they are basically like playcity. but to be sure..

I hope soon some emulator adds this device to make tests easier.., I guess cpcec with Playcity would be similar..

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