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I noticed that a new alternative to the ubiquitous Gotek has been announced: the OpenFlops. Open source hardware which runs the Flash Floppy firmware.
Had anyone tried it? I'm looking to replace the drive in my CPC6128, and this looks like a good alternative.

Yes, I've just received one. It works exactly the same as a Gotek which is not surprising as it uses the same FlashFloppy firmware.

I just unplugged a Gotek and plugged the OpenFlops in and it works so no issues so far.

I like the concept - rotaty selector, screen, speaker... oh and also the dual drive thing - how does that work?

I’m torn between fitting a GoTek / SDHXC into my 6128 and replacing the 3” drive or finding an external Gotek / SDHXC that dilemma is that whilst I think an internal drive would look neater I don’t want to lose the 3”drive on my 6128....the solution seems to be buy a second 6128 but I don’t want two....

....what would you do? Help....this is all new to me....


Perhaps look at the ABBA modification for the 6128 and use a stand alone Gotek.

Keep Safe



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