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Otten & Fecht 1 MB RAM-Disc?


Just updating the I/O port list on the wiki, stubbled across a expansion ram system called "Otten & Fecht 1 MB RAM-Disc"!

Has anyone more info on this piece of hardware?


Hm, you're right, have never heard of this before... is it for real??


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 16:21, 27 August 09 ---Hm, you're right, have never heard of this before... is it for real??

--- End quote ---

Yes the Otten & Fecht 1 MB RAM disc is real. Originally pdt copied (without permission) a part of the FutureOS handbook and made an article of I/O addresses out of it, since I collected them nearly all (disregarding some very special things). However he introduced some errors, but they should be cleaned now.

I've seen the O&F 1 MB ram disc personally in the early 90ies. It is NOT a RAM expansion, it's a pure RAM disc, working with 128 byte sectors. The content is not accu buffered, means if you switch your CPC off, the content is away. However it was very expensive.

The M icon of the older FutureOS versions has been planned to be used for this RAM disc. Newer versions will use the M icon differently.

Any questions to the O&F? Just ask here.



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