Peripherals - Pocket Service Guide: 3.5" MICRO FLOPPY DISK DRIVES

Started by OCT, 03:47, 04 January 10

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Scouring the net for information on specific disk drives , I came across this gem detailing the jumper positions for pretty much "every floppy known to man": - which should come in handy whenever salvaging used (and possibly misconfigured) PC parts and assessing their compatibility with 8/16-bit era computers (READY/DC signals in particular).

HTH (and if an appropriate 40+ track, double-sided 5.25" unit should come your way, TIA for letting me know) ...


Hm, imagine that, indeed it may prove useful to many...


Glad to see it is of use (and all the better if it helps replacement drives wing their way to me in the process :D).

BTW guess you can wipe the duplicate,498.0.html and give the light-bulb to this thread - seems the forum software (and mod, i.e. you ;)) did accept the initial attempt to post prior to registration, in spite of telling me repeatedly my reading of the CAPTCHA was wrong.


Hm, the CAPTCHA module... are you sure your inpit was correct? And yes, I did approve the original post myself...

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