Disk drive missing only sometimes.

Started by issalig, 22:49, 27 September 22

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I have a 3" disk drive (EME-155) in a CPC6128 that the first time (let's day cold start) it gives
"Drive A: disc missing:"

Then I just press R for retry and it works ok.
The following accesses to disc are ok but when it is stopped for some time it says disc missing, again.

I have changed the belt because I was thinking it was a problem of grip but with the new belt (that works good in other drive) it has the same behaviour.

Also I have check other disk drive in this 6128 and it is working ok, so I discard it is a problem from the 6128.

Any idea?



No, I have not checked RPMs, becausein the second attempt it works, so I guess RPMs are ok.

I have realized that the IR sensor that in EME-155 is a small pcb on the front top it was not aligned to the hole. Now, I have moved the pcb a little bit (it has a screw to ajust the position of the pcb) and now its working.

What it is interesting is the mechanism, that after a retry it seems to ignore the ir sensor  and it just reads the disc. Not sure if this behaviour is in ROM or disc controller.


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