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Play2CPC (Plus2CPC II) : Extra sound channels and rewritable cartridges

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I'm proud to announce a joint development with TotO, the Play2CPC, an evolution of the Plus2CPC adapter which includes two major new features:

- 3 extra AY sound channels
- Support for rewritable cartridges

The new sound channels follow the Playcity hardware specification, so they are compatible with existing software like Arkos Tracker 2 and Alcon2020.

The cartridges can be written directly from the CPC. They can be used from a cartridge game to store settings and hi-scores, for instance, or be fully written with new games or other contents.

The status of the project is: working prototype


--- Quote from: abalore on 16:38, 23 November 21 ---The cartridges can be written directly from the CPC
--- End quote ---

Ha! I was wondering about such a device this past weekend!!

Put me on the list please  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

This sounds amazing ....

Put me on the list! Please :-)

Very intrigued. I assume the rewritable memory can only be written to via the Play2CPC and not from the standard cartridge port of a Plus/GX4000?

In that case would cartridges still support the Plus/GX4000 and the writable feature could be ignored?


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