Author Topic: 464 Plus - Keyboard Problem?  (Read 781 times)

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464 Plus - Keyboard Problem?
« on: 18:25, 06 January 19 »

Hi All,

I recently stripped down my 464 plus to give it a proper clean.  This involved taking all the keys and springs off.

Its all reassembled but the keys seem to require more pressure than I would expect.  Is this how the plus range of keys are or have I made a mistake putting it back together?

The springs seem to be the same either way around. 

I had to sort of "screw" the spring into the keycap to get it to stay put as I clicked the key back on.

I also had to shorten one of the springs as it was out of shape and that single key seems much nicer to press :)

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Re: 464 Plus - Keyboard Problem?
« Reply #1 on: 22:56, 06 January 19 »
Sorry can't help, seems rather extreme taking all the keys off, I've cleaned a keyboard by taking off the membrane, putting in the bath and using a soft brush, then towelled it down and stuck it in the airing cupboard, worked very well and no need to dismantle all the keys.