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Hi guys. I know normally  people of outside spain  don't know this (even in spain we don' know it :D.).

We generally mostly know the amstrad mp-3 and the their 3rd party equivalent of mht Ingenieros of Spain. Plus other more rare  from another country. 

But there is a Spanish company that create another TV turner around finally 1986.

Unfortunly this company enter in bankrup in 1987.The TV turner was sold very little time.So its extremally rare found one. 

I found one, I have not tested it(waiting wire) But i want share it. 

It accept the amstrad rgb signal(A) ,composite signal, and in theory outputs composite signal (B).


Interesting. Does it also output sound to the TV? What are ports A & B for?


Not sure.

A is to connect the cpc B  is input/output composite.  You can connect the cpc in rgb and it output it in rgb and composite.

So I waiting a din 6 din 6 wire and a 5 din to female rca wire.

Anyway it appears don't work  I have try the snes and the spectrum +3 in rf. But it only shows a white screen.

I have update the album with pcb pictures.


 It not sure. But I think the sandcastle is fail.

The tda 3562a need it in pint 7 it's generated in the tda 2595.but in oscyloscope appears fault. (picture of the oscilloscope in the album and theoriy around it)

Any ideas what I need take a look now around 2595?. I don't know what signals they use to generate it. (pins).


That's interesting, we learn something new each day... :)

Care to make an article on the wiki?


I don't have it now. It's in technical service.  :picard:


You broke it? 😬😆


Unfortunly it's broke when I buy it.  He don't show image in the rgb output.

So I found a little 40 year old TV techinal service and I ask it if they can take a look if can be repaired.

And was there. Waiting diagnose. 

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