16K/32K ROM CHIPS AVAILABLE (EPROM chips written with everything you want!)

Started by ikonsgr, 12:06, 25 March 23

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I recently found out a small stock of M27C256B EPROM chips ("buried" inside a low drawer :) ), and i decided to design a small rom tester, for easy testing rom chips through expansion port.
 So now i can provide EPROM chips written with any binary file you want! As these are 32Kb eprom chips, you can have either a single 16K upper rom or a single 16k lower rom or a dual lower+upper 32K rom chip (like the one in a CPC 6128 having both fw+basic roms in a single 32k rom chip).
You can tell me,(or even send me) the rom binary you want. I will write it on eprom chip and test it, so it would be a 100% working rom.

Price is 4euros/eprom chip. 
Shipping is 3euros economy/untracked or 7euros registered/tracked.

Anyone interested send pm or mail to ikonsgr745@hotmail.com

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