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Unfortunately my recently aquired CPC464 will did not power on. Sometimes screen would scroll random patterns and then stop.

I swapped the Z80A over (from the other CPC464) and all came to life fortunately. Was hoping it wasn't one of the ASIC Amstrad parts!

So now I'm in the hunt for another Z80A. Do you need to use the Zilog ones or can the Sharp ones be used?

Does anyone know of a reliable source for these?

I'm in Australia, and freight is a nightmare 60GBP just to get the 464 here due from the UK. Many ebay sellers have complaints of counterfeit chips. I've seen this first hand with CRTC chips. Had one good one, and one fake


Use NMOS Z80 CPU to be fully compatible with CPC programs like Z0840004PSC.
I don't know about if the Sharp Z80 are NMOS or CMOS...

Okay thanks will dig further

Part number on working 464: MOSTEK MK3860N-4
Dead 464 and my working 6128: Zilog Z8400A PS (380A)

Edit: CPC service manual has IC111 as Z84400 APS

Are you sure the Mostek part number is not MOSTEK MK3880N-4 ?

Anyway, this is a better link for a NMOS Z80A:-

With ordering from China, you always have the risk of fake parts but the cost of this part its not going to break the bank...


- 1x
- 5x
- 10x

Best price. Fee shipping, free return. Already ordered to this seller. Why searching another CPU version? :D


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