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ROM Board with SRAM.

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Well folks after a period of time I have managed to create a ROM/RAM board which can now handle 32K EPROMs.
There is a 3rd ROM socket for the OS/BASIC ROM which can be used to hold and external OS as required. This is now likely to soon be enabled.

I will also be able to use an SRAM chip to hold upto 63 ROM Images.The SRAM chip is battery backed using a CR2032, meaning it can act just like a flash memory version.
The intent of the board is to have enabled FHOSIL (AKA HDOS32) which will enable my system to access the IDE interface (also under development) and CF card which will hold eventually my software and stuff for my development of EVA (External Video Adapter) - You can find this elsewhere on the forum.
Here is a Youtube link to a 28 second video of it in operation: for the poor lighting and image quality but I have poor lighting for where I have my CPC positioned and my attempt to improve the situation was well not good enough, but you can get an idea of is going on).

63 ROMs is just nice!!!  :) :) :)



--- Quote from: ComSoft6128 on 17:32, 12 May 21 ---EVA?

--- End quote ---'eva'/  ;D

why 63 roms and not 64?


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