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Schneider CPC 464 - brown keys and rusty metal plate

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I received a fully working but pretty filthy Schneider CPC 464. One of the first ones with the PCB keyboard.

Besides the usual cleaning, I am not sure what to do with two aspects of this particular 464:

1) The keys that I thought should be grey are brown. Not in the form I know it can happen by "normal" yellowing, but much darker. Also the letters on the normal keys have a brown touch. The 464 prototype pictures on the Wiki have the same kind of brown but other pictures of the prototype. I would expect it's a pretty strong form of yellowing, but just to be sure, was there ever a 464 with brown keys? If not, what would be the best way to retrobright them? I have already put them into the sun for a few hours but I don't see any change.

2) the metal plate under the keyboard keys has plenty of rusty spots. Most of it can't be seen but some spots between keys can be seen from above. Not a technical problem but it looks still filthy although it's cleaned. Have you ever come across something like that and can share an idea how to fix these spots?

I think I've seen some Schneider ones with very dark keys... do post a couple of photos though :)


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 11:55, 05 May 21 ---do post a couple of photos though
--- End quote ---

Argl... I thought I did...

Picture of key color and rusty spots.

Yeah I think I've seen that yellowing/browning before. Google for Schneider 464 and you'll see some...

Interesting though that perhaps different plastics were used for the Schneider CPCs?


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