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Started by TMTLOGIC, 22:15, 30 April 18

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Quote from: TMTLOGIC on 16:12, 04 May 21SD card is not supported for use, not even under Symbos.
SD card is only available for system files.

According to the available functions, it could be supported in a similar way to the USB stick, or is there some additional restrictions?


Quote from: m_dr_m on 00:11, 03 May 21
Is there an official homepage for this ROM?
Do you share the source?

Quote from: m_dr_m on 14:33, 03 May 21

  • Power cycle takes 17 seconds to boot, even when SF3_INI hasn't changed. Is it normal? What can be done to accelerate that?
No it's not normal. My SF3 is much more faster. (wrong USB-Stick/SD-Card?)

Quote from: m_dr_m on 14:33, 03 May 21

  • Apparently, we cannot access SD card from SymbOS (I've tried via both Master/Slave IDE, both points to the USB). Does CubeMDos SFIII version allows to access it?
(it could be generally supported, there are only (i can't remember) five positions of the ASM-Code to change the MassStorage from USB to SD. Why needed? => But there are more things todo, like RSX + needed Space in the ROM + needed Time to do that.)
Maybe when i get extremly boring - very extremly - i will add SD-Support


Amstrad is the expansion for SFIII  ;D


Quote from: Fran123 on 14:03, 26 May 21
Amstrad is the expansion for SFIII  ;D
Pues es verdad, a este paso...


Quote from: TMTLOGIC on 22:15, 30 April 18
We are going to make a better version, and I am interested in ideas what the CPC user would want for new possibilities

  • support for usb keyboard

  • math coprocessor



Thanks for your ideas,
Haha, Amstrad is the expansion for SFIII.
The RSF3 gets another option.

RSF3 is an expansion of the Amstrad

Amstrad is the expansion for RSF3.


RSF3 works "stand alone" without Amstrad

Currently writing the RSF3_OS code.

unfortunately I also have problems with global chip shortages,
I have 10x RSF3 in stock, after that it is a 45 week wait for parts. :o

you see here the FM radio App
- Touch screen control.
- Symbos control
- Amstrad control
- IR remote control


your amstrad news source in spanish language :

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