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Tecnobytes V9990 New Batch

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--- Quote from: Joseman on 09:59, 06 September 21 ---Hi!
what will be the price of the card? (more or less)

--- End quote ---

I am still waiting for them to tell me that.  So i have left the poll open for you to change your answer - i think (lock voting option?).

I'm not interrested, because there is no DIN passthrough to plug it on the same display as the CPC.

Yes please, one for me - subject to price.

I'm in the UK, where do they ship from? Will the price show shipping?

Thank you for your effort.

There is the monitor issue with the technobytes g9k card. I know that Prodatron still has a batch of a dozen or so that he's never passed because of this issue.
This issue needs to be sorted before more are made I think.

However would love to see more g9ks on the CPC as the software is now starting to come :)

I am interested in the card, but I have some doubts. What are those monitor problems which some of you are talking about?? And, would I need two different screens??


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