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KC Compact Disc Interface (DDI/Amsdos Clone)

Started by Prodatron, 23:53, 14 November 23

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When visiting the VCFB 2023 in Berlin last month I met Rene Mayer again (organizer of the Gamescom retro booth, great [guinness book] collector of old computer games etc. etc.) and he presented not only a KC Compact (Amstrad CPC clone from east germany) but also brought a DDI clone.
So I tested this device, and it was really working, at least the RSX commands. Unfortunately he didn't bring the floppy disc itself.

But I could make some pictures, which I uploaded to the wiki article:

As noone was publishing such pictures before, I wonder, if this hardware (DDI-clone+Floppy disc drive) have ever been sold to the public?

Rene (who is "east german" as well) told me, that he got this device from the original developer of the KC Compact, when visiting him in his house in the early 90ies, so this guy gave tons of parcels with this stuff to Rene.



I found a photo with a disk drive here. It used 5"25 freesbee disks seemingly.

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