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Started by arnoldemu, 15:07, 13 May 17

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I need your help!

I would like to emulate more devices in Arnold, document them on the cpcwiki AND write a test for them.

This means other emulators can then emulate the device and more people can experience the devices through an emulator AND the documentation on-line will describe the details of the hardware.

I have written some tests. See this topic.


I have tested the CPC devices that I own (X-MEM, X-MASS, Vortex RAM Expansion), but some tests need to be confirmed on real hardware.

Can you help please?

Can you help test these for me?
- Aleste 520EX tests
- Dk'Tronics 256KB RAM Expansion
- Dk'Tronics 256KB Silicon Disk
- Brunword MK4
- Dobbertin HD20
- Vortex Harddisk
- Inicron RAM

If there are other devices that you own and you would like to see emulated and are willing to run a test on the device please contact me via pm or reply here. Thanks

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