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Started by Dizrythmia, 03:52, 20 March 09

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I just got a 64k RAM pack for my 464 from Ebay & want to test it to make sure it works. Right now it seems to have an issue when I have it, the multiface & DD1 interface connected all at the same time (in that order). When it's on its own it's fine (I haven't tested with it & the DD1 interface) but a bit touchy if the computer moves.

I guess I could try running CPM+ if I can find the disc. There was a list on CPCZone that listed 128k only games. I was wondering if anyone can replicate this for me.



That doesnt sound good, my own experience with the DKTronics 64k ram packs in the 80's left me feeling they were quite flaky, as the first one I got was DOA, and the replacement I got died 3 years later, which lead me to buying a 6128.  Of course, maybe I was just unlucky.

Cant give a list, but just off the top of my head there's plenty of Ocean multi-loaders that single load with 128k detected, like Batman The Movie, Robocop, Dragon Ninja, and Gryzor.  And you only get music in Gryzor with 128k, as well as the speech in Robocop/Dragon Ninja/Chase HQ.  I think Addams Family was 128k only full stop.  Only other thing coming to mind is Advanced Art Studio!


Yes, but the speech in Robocop was well worth the money and the 64k alone! It was soooo cool...


Hero Quest and Shinobi (and their AA demos too) takes advantage of the extra ram to play music. Renegade and Operation Thunderbolt use the extra ram to load in more lvls in one go (if i recall right).

Addams Family is indeed 128K only and its even 6128-only i think. Pirates is 128k only as well.


Nilquader wrote a Memory check program for the CPC which also tests memory extensions. You can download it from the german CPC forum. It's a german program, but I hope it helps anyway.


Or type this  ;D:

5 FOR B=0 TO 7:FOR R=4 TO 7:OUT &7F00,&C0+R+B*8:POKE &4000,0:NEXT R:NEXT B
10 MEMORY &3FFF: m=0
20 OUT &7F00,&C0:POKE &4000,0
30 FOR b=0 TO 7:FOR r=4 TO 7
40 k=&C0+r+b*8
50 OUT &7F00,k:A=PEEK(&4000):POKE &4000,k
60 OUT &7F00,&C0
70 IF PEEK(&4000)<>k AND A=0 THEN M=M+16
90 PRINT "Ram ";M;"K + 64k"


I decided to finally test out robocop with my 64k ram expansion the other day and the speech is surprisingly clear!
Also i thought i saw an error message whilst it was loading but just before i stopped the tape deck i realised it was loading all the levels at once.  ;D

The trouble is games seem to crash more frequently with it attached,


you should use the CDT of the game, convert it to wav, and load it. It's more accurate.

Paul Townsend

If the 64k ram unit is as touch-sensitive as you say, it sounds like one or more of the contacts may be a bit dirty. Best thing for cleaning is probably a meths-soaked cotton bud - give the contacts a rub-over with this - both sides - and just let them dry. Try again and it should be a wee bit more reliable.

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