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Looking for a 6128 space bar + springs

Started by ced64k, 09:18, 16 January 12

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Here's another of my "looking for" thread :)

I have some issue with my 6128 keyboard :

- One little pin of the space bar is broken
- One little spring is twisted
- Two large springs are missing

Anyone have these items in stock?



can you post a picture of the broken bits ?

anyway, the sad part is that you need to cannibalize another CPC...

can't it be fixed by any sort of "hardening paste" ?


Quote from: MacDeath on 03:27, 21 February 12
can you post a picture of the broken bits ?

Maybe I can buy a tube of Araldite® for 10 €... or sell this CPC for 10 €, I don't know yet :) It's a vicious cycle, you buy one cpc to repair another but after you want to repair all, like Pokemon ?  :D


I've had a 6128 for years that has the hinge part missing that hooks into that plastic clip that has snapped off on your space bar. It works fine for me, obviously the springs are still installed though. I've never been too keen to attempt to repair it. I'm afraid to say that when I was left alone long enough with my CPC that I had just been given for my 11th birthday it was soon in pieces (and I mean in pieces) so I could see how it worked. I did not know that the space bar was a little more complicated than the other keys! Hence me damaging it, I would wager that your CPC has been through a similar experience. The good news is that I think you may only need to find some suitable compression springs to get a working space bar, at least one that works as well as mine, assuming there is nothing unique about the one on my 6128!? If a full resto is what you are after, I would get some epoxy putty and put a bit on the broken bit and use a dremel once it has dried to machine a reasonable facsimile of the original part, then if the wire hinge is missing, source some suitable wire and make one yourself. Don't think it would be too hard to do.
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