Tiny circlip/split washer in 464 takeup reel.

Started by kolleykibber, 02:59, 05 March 21

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I can't be the first this is happened to. 50% of the time I remove a 464 takeup reel the tiny circlip/split washer that holds it down ceases to exist, despite it being in my fingers milliseconds earlier. I need a supply of these things so that I can stop messing about with bits of wire. In the service manual this is the 809175 Fibre washer.

Can anybody recommend somewhere to get them?


Just in case it helps anybody with the same problem. If you lose the fibre washer from the take up spool, you can use the one from the rewind spool and replace that with a loop of wire. The rewind spool is not as sensitive to friction.

There seemed to be two different designs of take up spool on the 464s I was working on. The older was a one piece, with a bit of give at the clutch, whereas the newer one was in three pieces with a strong spring which launches the fibre washer the moment you remove it.

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