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Tutorial: How to build an internal 3 inch SDCard HxC drive for your Amstrad

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You lazy ba......   ok, I'll stop there for fear of being banned :)

Ok, I'll do a Wiki page when the tutorial is finished (I assume there's more coming because it says "to be continued" ? )

However, I will have to edit or leave out the pictures with C64 literature in the background, the patented "Wiki C64 filter" would probably recognise and block these images ;)



You should think about shaving your legs.
Or put Leonie here.

HAHAHHAHAAA, jajaja....

Leonie is a fakegirl and was banned in Forum64 too, cause of her rude speach and dirty profile. You shouldnt watch my legs, watch my tutorial please.

@Bryce: Thank you for doing the Wiki entry.

To be continued means that i will do a soldering out of the SMD LED in the future. I dont know when i will do that, cause its really a fuzzy work. At the moment its done and i think it could be in the wiki as it is.

Thanks again mate, for doing that.

--- Quote ---However, I will have to edit or leave out the pictures with C64   literature in the background, the patented "Wiki C64 filter" would   probably recognise and block these images
--- End quote ---

HEHEHE i knew somebody would recognize that..... gotcha.


Hi Pentagon,
       I've done the wiki page here:

I didn't put all the pictures in 'cos some of them were blurred and because there were just so many. I also fixed up the english a little, I hope you don't mind :)

Anyway, if you don't like anything there you can change it of course.


Thank you so much Bryce, you did a great favour to me. My english is very poor, so i am okay with fixing my grammar / spell - thank you very much for help.


Kindly regards
Tom / Pentagon of Noob Inc.


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