Author Topic: Tutorial: How to build an internal 3 inch SDCard HxC drive for your Amstrad  (Read 53846 times)

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Pentagon, awesome post, now I want to do this project  :laugh:

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I think this mod is really cool  8) and looks good  ;)

I don't think I could do it though, I don't like the idea of cutting into my computer.   ::)

It's a great mod though.  :)

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I have just installed my brand new HxC as 'B' drive, prepared SD card with conf and some sample files, set the jumper but it does not work correctly...  :(
With basic command |B  and CAT it looks like bad format, faulty disckette etc. and after severall tries displeys: "read error -retry...".
'A' drive works fine.
Interesting thing is, that under CPM it works ok! Verify, copy, format, dir, running programms work 100% ok. I have no idea where is the problem, help me please.

Problem is solved! I have refreshed  few times hxc cfg file and it started to work, anyway I don't know why... :o
Thank you for your attention.
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