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Look at that, it's not even 10am yet and I already learned something. I'm tagging this day as 'productive'.

I don't have much use personally, but it's very interesting because if nothing else it helps me better understand the vids I watch :)


I intend doing more short electronics tutorials over time as there seems to be quite a few people here looking to learn more electronics, but only if the subject has a direct relation to the CPC or retro repair. If there's any particular subject that anyone wants covered, then send me a PM.


@Gryzor: Sorry about that, I hope you had at least already got your first coffee in?

As there was some discussion here recently about the tapedeck and what all the op-amps there are doing, here's a pretty good video from Dave over on the EEVBlog that's well worth watching:


Very useful post, thank you for taking the time to post this, please keep them coming.

Very good initiative !!!! I like it !


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