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CPC464+ build thread

Started by darkhalf, 07:00, 07 July 23

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Attached: CPC Plus games. These are various releases on CPC Power, CPC Rulez or developers sites which are not in the original cart set
CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


Attached: Trainers for the original GX4000 cart games (CPC Power, CPC Rulez). Because Navy Seals and Robocop 2 are not easy games

Talking of which, I downloaded the sticker overlays here:

Then resized them (using mspaint) into the correct dimensions and pasted them into word onto sticker sheets. Then cut these up to make the cartridge labels. If you follow this youtube video, you can see the dimensions he used

CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644

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